Freezing time for mousse cake.

Hi first timer here. I am explaining my question for earlier with a bit more detail.

I plan on making white chocolate mousse cake and I found two recipes that I like. Both are a little different but pretty similar. One says to chill the cake for 3hrs and the other says 8hrs.

My question is why is there a big difference? Does the time affect how firm the cake can be??


Rory A. Forde


PieceOfLayerCake December 9, 2018
Apparently my answer wasn't acceptable.
Nancy December 9, 2018
POLC ... you'd answer to other mousse question was good. OK asked 2 at same time. You answered 1st; this was the other.
PieceOfLayerCake December 10, 2018
It appears he asked a question, didn't get the answer he wanted, asked a "more specific" question and then didn't appreciate any of those answers either. I understand people's motivations for posting here, but sometimes it just irritates me how ungrateful people can be. Once in a while, I feel comfortable expressing that irritation.
Nancy December 10, 2018
POLC- noted. Agree. Frustrating.
Rory A. December 10, 2018
No POLC, you answer it perfectly!

Its just that as I was writing the first question I accidentally posted it lol. The second post is my actual question. Thank you so much for taking your time to reply, thank you all.
Xiam December 8, 2018
It's hard to answer without seeing the ingredients listed. However, it's possible that the 3 hour recipe is tested for the minimum time needed. the 8 hour may have an abundance of caution built in.
Nancy December 8, 2018
Agree with Sam Corber.
Other factors could be the intended final texture or presentation of the mousse (or mousse cake, as here).
Some are presented in the pan in which they were chilled, and/or intended to be eaten almost like a pudding, so can be softer (less chilling time).
Others are intended to be unmolded, freestanding and firmer, so more chilling time.
Last, separate point, some have gelatin and some don't, so those with will firm up more easily.
Rory A. December 10, 2018
That makes sense, thank you Sam and Nancy.
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