Having issues w Ottolenghi recipe for lemon and blueberry pound cake falling..

  • Posted by: Jude
  • July 19, 2021


drbabs July 20, 2021
I have had the same problem with that recipe. I’m not at home right now so I can’t look at the notes I made in the book, but I feel as if the proportions are all off. Also, you really need to use almond flour and not ground almonds— I know that was my first mistake. I also vaguely remember that there were some issues with the measurements in the first edition of Sweet, so you might want to check which edition you’re using. They actually sent me a second book. The NY Times cooking site has a version of it with a ton of good reviews and suggestions so you might want to check the recipe there. https://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/1018821-blueberry-almond-and-lemon-cake?smid=ck-recipe-iOS-share
Lori T. July 19, 2021
It may also have to do with the flour you are using. The recipe I'm familiar with calls for self-raising flour, the British version of it- not the American version. The British version contains a generous amount of baking powder, and no salt mixed into a lower protein flour. The American versions will have less baking powder and added salt mixed into an all purpose flour of slightly higher protein content. It's fine for American biscuits, but can make a difference with a cake. Could this be the source of the problem you are having?? If you are using American style self rising flour, you will want to add in extra baking powder to compensate.
AntoniaJames July 20, 2021
But then, on the other hand, putting too much baking powder or baking soda in a cake can make it fall. The excess causes the cake to rise more than its basic structure can handle.

I have been living at 5000+ elevation for the past few years, after living all my life and baking at a few hundred feet above sea level. I've learned a lot about cakes falling, coming to appreciate how tricky leavening agents can be. If a cake at sea level had not risen at all, or enough, I'd suggest adding a touch more baking powder. If the problem is falling, in my experience, there may have been too much. Beating egg whites too much for the altitude at which one is baking can have the same results.

All this said, if not at high altitude, I'd tweak the other factors first. ;o)
AntoniaJames July 19, 2021
Oh dear, sorry to hear that. I can think of a couple of explanations (I've been down that road).

Did you use mass (weight) measures - grams etc., -- or the dry ingredients? Having too little flour in the batter will make a pound cake fall, just as having too much liquid will.

Under baking, even by just a few minutes, can also cause a pound cake to fall. ;o)
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