If I want to make blueberry pancakes should the blueberries be frozen or thawed?I



amysarah June 22, 2015
With frozen, I don't defrost or fold into the batter - just scatter a few on each pancake as I dollop onto the griddle (also sometimes drizzle a little batter over them, per creamtea's comment.) It also helps to keep them from bleeding if you first quickly toss them with a tiny bit of flour, like you'd do when adding to muffins or cake.

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boulangere June 22, 2015
I use fresh, but I don't stir them into the batter. Rather, once I've dropped the batter onto the griddle, I scatter the berries over the uncooked surface. Once the bottom has set and cooked, it's easy to flip the pancakes without the berries dropping out. It's a good trick that works with any berry, and also with banana slices.
creamtea June 22, 2015
I do the same, Cynthia. Occasionally I'll press them lightly onto the batter and quickly drizzle a bit of extra batter over to slightly cover them, as they sometimes burn a little on the cooking surface in the course of subsequent batches with the pans I use
PieceOfLayerCake June 22, 2015
Whenever I add frozen berries to a batter, I make sure they are still completely frozen when I add them. I also make sure I add them in the most delicate manner possible. For loose batters like pancakes, I fold them in, for stiff doughs (like scone) I roll the dough out and press them in, then fold the dough over...and for somewhere in the middle, like a muffin, sometimes I'll layer them in as I scoop them. Its all about keeping that juice from permeating, which in the case of blueberries, tends to leave you with an unappetizing, grey-green batter.
Nancy June 22, 2015
you could use either. I prefer wild, fresh for more flavor. but when using frozen, I use them straight from freezer. they're small enough to cook through when the dough is on the griddle, and I like the pancakes better with out the staining melt water.
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