If sorbet is not firm enough after freezing, can it be returned to the icecream maker for further churning and refreezing?

I have difficulty determining the correct consistency of sorbet before removing it from the machine for freezing.

  • Posted by: NORAH
  • July 22, 2021


Naveed J. August 3, 2021
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Lori T. July 22, 2021
You can try to rechurn, but first you need to determine why it isn't firm enough. One of the critical factors playing into firmness of a sorbet is the sugar balance, although if your recipe includes alcohol that can also play into it. I suggest that you read up on the subject at https://www.seriouseats.com/how-to-make-the-best-sorbet
That's the best place to figure out things regarding sorbet, if you ask me. And yes, if your machine is still cold enough to process the sorbet mixture, you can return it to the machine to continue the process.
NORAH July 23, 2021
Lori, thank you. Excellent advice, and an invaluable article on sorbet. I had no idea about the corn syrup!
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