How can I achieve a smooth sorbet?? Mine turns out more like a granita



Jessi,Kiser March 14, 2012
Thanks for the suggestions! I am making grape and prosecco sorbet, and I wasn't leaving it in the machine long enough-- thanks again :)
Grace's S. March 12, 2012
Traditional Italian Sorbetto recipes include a small amount of alcohol in the mixture prior to chilling and just before churning an egg white is whipped to stiff peaks and folded into the mixture. Both provide a better texture and mouthfeel because the addition of alcohol and egg white prevents crystallization. I just posted about the use of glucose in Sorbetto ( After some research I learned that glucose (invert sugar) is used by many professional chefs to prevent crystallization in sorbetto, again providing a better mouthfeel. I plan on trying in my next batch. I always use glucose in caramel making and absolutely notice a difference.
klfnwf March 12, 2012
Add a banana
ChefOno March 12, 2012
Two suggestions:

Make sure you cool your mix to almost-freezing before it goes into the machine. Faster freezing = smaller ice crystals.

An ounce of white rum or vodka (not enough to detect by taste) will lower the freezing point and smooth out the finished product.

Anitalectric March 12, 2012
One cause is that the water content is too high. What kind of sorbet are you making? I would recommend cooking down whatever fruit it is with the sugar to reduce the water content.

Also, it helps to add some kind of protein to improve the texture.

Are you using an ice cream machine?
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