Could One Add Garlic To This, & If So When/How Would You Add it?

Could one add garlic to this, & if so, when/how would you add it & what form would be best - fresh or granulated? I'm being asked to continuously add more detail here, but honestly - what more can I say? Still being asked for more detail, so blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah

Pasta With Basil Cashew Cream
Recipe question for: Pasta With Basil Cashew Cream


702551 August 3, 2021
Rather than use fresh raw garlic or dry granulated garlic my inclination would be an alternative that I often use: roasted garlic.

I roast whole garlic bulbs which keep for weeks in the fridge. When I want a little garlic flavor, I will mash up one or two roasted cloves. Roasting neutralizes the sharper edges and also brings out caramel sweetness.

I substitute roasted garlic for fresh/raw garlic pretty frequently because of the former's less assertive flavor profile.

That's a personal preference since I dislike how raw garlic can easily commandeer a dish with its dominant flavor. Many Americans like massive amounts of garlic however I do not count myself amongst them.

It's your call of course because it's your dinner table with your dinner guests.

Naturally you have the option of making the sauce as instructed, pouring out half, adding a roasted garlic clove to the remaining portion and comparing the two to see which one you like better. It does not have to be all or nothing.

Best of luck.
Emma L. August 3, 2021
You could add garlic! But I wouldn't personally. My rec: Try the sauce first, as noted in step 4, then decide from there. If you want it, add 1 small clove, minced, then blend until incorporated.
BonnieC. August 3, 2021
Thank you!!!!!
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