Can I freeze the batter 2 days ahead?

I'd like to bake this on Sunday, but will not have time to do anything on Saturday. I'm thinking of preparing the batter on Friday, freeze it, put it in the fridge on Saturday night and bake it on Sunday.

Shinta Oetama
Roberta's Parsley Cake
Recipe question for: Roberta's Parsley Cake


drbabs August 10, 2021
I read the reviews, and one commenter said that they didn’t notice the difference between baking it right away and leaving it in the refrigerator for a time and then baking it. I’d probably just make the whole thing on Sunday. I definitely agree with AJ that you shouldn’t freeze the batter.
AntoniaJames August 9, 2021
I would not freeze this cake batter - but I would not hesitate to bake the cake and freeze it instead.

Some cake batters freeze well. Ones like this one, which call for a good long beating time once the eggs are added, rely on the air beaten into the eggs to make the cake rise properly. That air beaten into the batter won't withstand freezing.

I've never made this cake but the fact that it has a fair bit of oil in it ensures a nice moist crumb, which means it will freeze quite well.
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