Which brand of dried currants and candied fruit peels do you use?

I live in Canada, and it seems that neither of these items are easily or readily available. Which ones do you normally get, and where are they available?

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Nancy August 17, 2021
TreatBakes -
Another thread. A substitution bible recommends - as replacement for dried currants - dried blueberries, cherries or cranberries, finely chopped prunes, finely chopped dates, or yes, the so-called Zante currants (grapes).
Your choice for this cake.
PS I double-checked and find no current prohibitions - agriculture or otherwise - for candied peel and candied fruits. If you're now concerned about that after the agricultural problem with currants, check information in your area.
AntoniaJames August 16, 2021
I took a quick peek at the Loblaws site to see what kind of currants they sell. I did that because I have had great difficulty finding red or black currants anywhere, even online. Let me explain.

The cultivation of red and black currants in the US is illegal now, due to a rot condition that was prevalent years ago that threatened other US agricultural products. As a result, US (and I suppose other) raisin producers have been cultivating Zante grapes and drying them, which they sell them as "currants." The packaging reveals however that they are not currants at all, but are Zante raisins. That's what Loblaw is selling, as is nuts.com, my favorite source for any dried fruits or peels (and pine nuts, and mushroom powder, but I digress).

True dried red currants tend to be a bit more tart than any raisin masquerading as a currant, so I usually substitute dried cranberries in any black cake or other fruitcake, or plum pudding, or similar recipe calling for dried currants.

I highly recommend nuts.com for dried orange peel and dried citron. I order those every year for my holiday baking. Their chocolate coated candied orange peel is also excellent. I checked their site and they do ship to Canada. ;o)
Nancy August 16, 2021
AJ - thanks for correction and update.
Nancy August 16, 2021
OK, after AJ's note, I checked Bulk Barn and Amazon Canada and they also are selling grapes as currants.
Treat Bakes - maybe this is why you can't find the fruit in store.
Apologies...I didn't go beyond the labels.
Nancy August 16, 2021
Currants available from the Loblaws group, Bulk Barn chain and Amazon Canada. Ontario stores for the first two and shipped by all three.
Candied fruit from Bulk Barn and Amazon.
Also, at some kitchen or baking supply stores, but usually in larger industrial quantities.
Have often bought the currants,, less often the candied peel but you can see consumer reviews at most.
Nancy August 16, 2021
PS If these merchants not available in other provinces, check good chains and bulk brand stores, or use online merchant.
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