How many cups of fruit mixture?

I am planning on making this cake soon, but I am not going to make the whole recipe. The dried fruit is soaking right now, but I don't remember exactly how much (how many lbs) I used.

To get to the point: How many cups of fruit mixture is needed (do the listed ingredients make) for the whole recipe?
Thank you!

  • Posted by: Jordana
  • April 4, 2022
Black Cake
Recipe question for: Black Cake


HalfPint April 4, 2022
I have the fruit and alcohol mixture aging in my pantry for the past 2 years now (long story). It looks about 4-5 cups total (I'm eyeballing the unprocessed macerated fruit in my container). I think that you'll probably use ~3 cups for the half recipe. Black cake is dense and moist, like many fruit cakes.

Good luck!
Jordana April 4, 2022
Thank you so much HalfPint! I appreciate your response.
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