PANCAKE problem, I'm didn't what the flip I'm doing so Plz answer it

So I was trying to make a pancake, using 1 Banana, 2 eggs, and 200ml of milk, and while I was mixing it, I notice it was very runny, but I didn't care, and then when I pour the mixture, It... didn't cook all the way through, so I ask my mom and then she said to put some milk powder hoping it would become less runny and I also add 1 more egg hoping it would be able to become a pancake, but IT didn't, So after that my father said he will buy some pancake flour.

So my question is WHAT should I do, I'm scared if the pancake flour will not make work too.

  • Posted by: Reycook
  • June 23, 2021


aargersi June 23, 2021
If you’re trying to make the banana/egg pancake - don’t add and milk, just banana and eggs. If you’re trying to make traditional banana pancakes you absolutely have to have flour to bind it, mix the pancakes and then add sliced banana. Perhaps for your first try you could get a good quality pancake mix and follow the directions closely until you get a feel for it. Good luck!
Reycook June 23, 2021
Thank you
Nancy June 23, 2021
Agree with aarersi (hello after a long time!).
Also, Reycook, you don't have to buy pancake flour or mix.
Just use regular flour, some baking powder and salt. Then add usual wets - banana and egg if you're going that way, milk, butter also if you want traditional pancakes.
Then you can also use the flour for other things.
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