beet cake, Chocolate & Beetroot Cake, well+ yum, April 2017

The directions include ingredients not mentioned elsewhere; beets come in many sizes but the list of ingredients just says 1 beet. The cake was impossible to make, and I had begun it! I made a cake, but luckily I was among friends…

Sheila Malovany-Chevallier


Nancy August 20, 2021
Sheila - doyou have a question in addition to reporting on ineffectual recipe? Can't fix the recipe that didn't work. I can, however, give you two alternatives.
One from Marthat Stewart, chocolate beet cake, made tested liked many times.
Another, a kind of universal banana cake which replaces the bananas with fruits, vegetables, sour cream, etc. Also made tested liked many times. You could make the cake with beets as the main ingredient and top it with a luscious ganache or chocolate buttercream frosting (your choice, your recipe).
Sheila M. August 23, 2021
Thank you. I'll try them.
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