The water quantity is unclear. How much water?

Your recipe says “1 tepid cup of water plus 1 tepid cup of water.” Is this an error? Why didn’t you just say 2 tepid cups of water? This seems like a lot of water.



drbabs August 22, 2021
Here’s what it says now: “1 cup tepid water, plus more as needed as needed.” Looks like the typo was (mostly) corrected.
GayPDXCooks August 23, 2021
Lol!! As needed as needed. My kingdom for an editor.
702551 August 22, 2021
It's probably just an error and is meant to be 1 cup of tepid water. There are lots of errors in online food recipes all over the Internet and sadly Food52 is no exception.

In any case, just make the pasta dough to the right consistency: not too wet and sticky, not too dry as the recipe author describes.
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