Using a mix of whole wheat and bread flour

Hi Maurizio!

I am planning to make hamburgers this weekend and had this recipe bookmarked for a while. Do you think I could use some whole wheat, just as your brioche buns recipe (which I love!) ? I could use a bit more water if necessy.

Thanks in advance!

Mathieu Garcia
Sourdough Baps
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Maurizio L. August 26, 2021
Absolutely, whole grains would work really well in this recipe. As you said, you might want to add a bit more water as needed. If you have white whole wheat, which has a mild flavor compared to red whole wheat, I'd go with that. Otherwise, any whole wheat will be a wonderful addition.
Mathieu G. August 26, 2021
Thanks Maurizio! I have some French T150 (farine intégrale) which I think is the closest equivalent of the most common type of whole wheat you have in the US (red whole wheat, most probably). I'll start with 25% T150 and 75% T65 (~ US bread flour) and report back!
AntoniaJames August 25, 2021
Yes, you can! I would substitute no more than 25% with whole wheat - and I'd increase the water by 20 - 30 grams. ;o)
Mathieu G. August 26, 2021
Thank you Antonia! I will report back once I've baked them!
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