Mushroom Galette leftovers? Refrigerated or room temp?

I made a lovely mushroom galette from Claire Saffitz's book "Dessert Person", and in the recipe, she says that the galette can keep at room temp for 3 days. Is this going to kill me or should I just refrigerate?



drbabs September 14, 2021
I tend to err on the side of safety so I would probably refrigerate it. You can always warm it in a low oven before serving it again.
Nancy September 15, 2021
Agree with drbabs.
Haven't made a galette in a while, but checked the recipe at smittenkitchen, and it recommends maximum storage of five days in the fridge.
cheezman2000 September 14, 2021
For more information, there is no dairy whatsoever and is completely vegan. The filling is just leeks and mushrooms sauted.
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