What to do if you do not have enough mushrooms for mushroom and chicken stew needing at least 60kg mushroom

indented 50 kgs of Mushroom for a vvip function for next day to make chicken and mushroom stew and have received only 25 kg from the supplier. You need atleast 45 kg of Mushroom to make the banquet event successful.

What will be your plan of action to make sure that the short supply of Mushroom could be procured by some other means or any alternate suggestion in regard to this.

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1 Comment

Nancy June 22, 2020
Anamika -
Sorry for your last minute supplier troubles.
Some suggestions yo salvage the meal.
Adjust to give the guests a dish better than promised or paid for.
To start, use other vegetables to replace the bulk of the missing mushrooms.
Then enhance the dish with some deluxe ingredients that boost flavor, texture and sense of being indulged. For example, bacon, white wine or brandy, cream, puff pastry.
You may need to take a hit on your budget for this event in order to ensure reputation, satisfaction and future bookings.
If there is a printed menu that you can replace or revise, do that.
If not, make an announcement of the replacement dish and (as usual for a large event) provide alternate covers for those who may not be able or want to eat the upgraded casserole.
Good luck,
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