Non-alcoholic deglazers?

I know that most of the alcohol cooks out when you use wine to deglaze a pan, but I'm just wondering--are there any non-alcoholic alternatives to wine for deglazing?



dymnyno April 23, 2011
If you want the flavor of grape without the alcohol, you can use verjus.
prettyPeas April 19, 2011
I agree with the other posters--any liquid will do the job of getting the tasty bits off the bottom of the pan. For many recipes you'll want to add back some substitutes to achieve the slight acidity and sweetness the alcohol added. For some things, a bit of grape juice might be a good choice, for others like a pan sauce for chicken, just a bit of lemon after deglazing with stock.
boulangere April 19, 2011
Oh no, don't think you're limited to something alcoholic to achieve a good deglaze. In fact, quite often stocks can be better, because they will reduce to a wonderful richness of flavor. Cream, absolutely! Deglaze a skillet in which you've seared some chicken with lemon juice, and life will never be the same.
amysarah April 19, 2011
All of the liquids mentioned orange juice, any stock, etc.

But just fyi, in a quick pan deglazing, most of the alcohol doesn't actually cook out - it takes far longer (e.g., braising for a couple of hours) for even most of it to cook out. This is common misconception - worth noting if you're cooking for someone who really cannot tolerate any alcohol.
mrslarkin April 19, 2011
Depending on your dish, chicken stock, apple juice, lemon juice, cream. Agree with foongfest, pretty much anything liquid.
foongfest April 19, 2011
Any liquid would work. Broth, water, even vegetables that sweat (like your regular mirepoix).
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