Reduction and Deglazing for Chili (Seeking Advice)

Seeking help on a spicy mole chili recipe I have been making. How important is it to:
1) Reduce a small amount of booze (1/2 cup dark beer, 1/2 cup dry red wine) if it is going to be put into a crock pot for 2-3 hours (versus allowed to boil in a deep skillet for 30 minutes).

2) If important to reduce then do you recommend I do this while sautéing the onions? With my last iteration of this recipe I added the dark beer to the skillet containing onions while I was browning the meat (added with tomato paste). This seems to have caused the hamburger to brown into much smaller fragments. Should I instead attempt reduction with the alcohol by itself in a separate skillet? Or attempt a deglazing with the meat and then reduce the alcohol in the same pan?

Caveat: I have very little experience (read, virtually none) with either deglazing or reducing.



tta1103 April 6, 2022
Deglaze in a separate pan.
KLS April 6, 2022
What Nancy said, BUT:
Are deglazing to remove the alcohol? Because it won't disappear in the crock pot, just fyi.
Nancy April 6, 2022
Yes, to wgat KLS said - alcohol will still be in the stew after cooking.
kansanwisconsinite April 6, 2022
Yes, to remove the alcohol.
KLS April 7, 2022
Personally, I would omit it and use some type broth or other liquid. I stopped using alcohol to cook with and don't even miss it; especially after I found out the whether boiling, deglazing or whatever, all the alcohol does not cook off.
Nancy April 6, 2022
Subject to revising my opinion after I see the recipe, I don't think you need to do any deglazing at all (a process usually used to make a sauce from sautéed meats or fish).
The small amount of beer or wine will become part of the chile stew, whether you cook it in a regular pot or slow cooker.
If you DO want to deglaze, first cook must and remove it from fry pan. Then deglaze.
Nancy April 6, 2022
Auto incorrect, sorry.
Should be: "first cook meat"

kansanwisconsinite April 6, 2022
So... Brown the beef in a skillet with onions and peppers, remove peppers and meat once browned, deglaze with the alcohol (beer or wine), then reduce?
Nancy April 6, 2022
BTW, if you need an alcohol-free stew, replace the beer or wine with broth or grape juice.
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