What to do with the leftover beets from pickling them with eggs?

This looks amazing - but what do you do with the beets after using them for pickling?



Lori T. September 17, 2021
I can think of several ways not involving salad to use up less than stellar pickled beets. To start with the recipe in question - I'd skip the can in favor of beets from a jar instead. No point in adding a metallic taste to beets. Pureed beets can be added to yogurt for a dip. Also used in conjunction with garbanzos for hummus, or used to make pasta or gnocchi. I like them mashed in with goat cheese or feta, schmeared on crackers. You can also add them into soups, either as a star for borsht, or a supporting added veggie in other soups. You can also freeze extra beets to use later, and freezing tends to make them softer and easier to mush if needed. Oh- forgot, eldest daughter adds them to smoothies (no comment from me about that).
702551 September 16, 2021
For sure I would include some in salads.

They can be served as condiments along with/replacing other pickled vegetables. I would have no hesitation serving pickled beets alongside Mexican-style pickled jalapenos/carrots/onions with tacos. The tartness of pickled vegetables is a great compliment to many rich or fatty items in the same way that sauerkraut (pickled cabbage) is commonly served with pork (particularly sausages).

Some people enjoy pickled beets as a side dish or will snack on them like dill pickles. Like many pickled vegetables it would pair well with beer and sake.
AntoniaJames September 16, 2021
Those ideas would all work for me if I were using fresh beets and not canned or jarred. The unfortunate texture and insipid flavor of those are a deal killer, full stop. ;o)
702551 September 16, 2021
Admittedly it has been over twenty years since I've bought a can of beets. I do remember having some decent imported ones although I have long forgotten the brands.

But yes, cooking your own fresh beets is a better option (and it's easy). Convenience isn't always better.
AntoniaJames September 16, 2021
The recipe calls for canned beets which, frankly, I don't find too appealing. I've never made this recipe, so I don't know exactly how the beets will taste once they've served their purpose in the pickling liquid. I'd probably go rogue here, rinsing the beets well, and using them in this chocolate cake https://food52.com/recipes/19271-nigel-slater-s-extremely-moist-chocolate-beet-cake or a other similar baked treat ,where the beets' texture and somewhat lackluster flavor would not be noticed. ;o)
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