How to recreate Kurdish butternut squash dish

Friends served a wonderful vegetarian side dish of butternut squash, lentils, some spices and aromatics (maybe cinnamon, onion, other), made by a Kurdish émigré chef who runs a cafe (far from me) near one of their work places.
I would love to recreate it at home but can't find quite the recipe. Do you recognize this dish? Can you point me to a chef or cookbook who might have more information?

  • Posted by: Nancy
  • September 26, 2021


Nancy September 28, 2021
Small update. In noodling around, I found that Kurdish cooking shares influences, ingredients, elements with Persian cooking, and found this lovely Persian butternut squash stew, traditiionally served at Jashn-e Mehregen, autumn holiday second only to their new year, Nowrooz.
I will be make this during the fall, along with the two dishes aargersi and Dona recommended.
Dona September 26, 2021
NYT has a recipe for Roasted Butternut Squash with Lentils and Feta. I don’t have a subscription but the recipe was available anyway.
Nancy September 26, 2021
Dona - good to see you on hotline again. Will have a look at the NYT dish's got the basic ingredients and the addition of cheese moves it closer to a main. Thanks, Nancy
Dona September 28, 2021
Nancy, what a nice thing to say!
aargersi September 26, 2021
Here’s a soup that sounds amazing:

I think of you modified it to roasted squash and lentils cooked with the onions and aromatics you might be close …
Nancy September 26, 2021
Thank you so much 💓...will get ingredients on next grocery run and make my first experimental run for a fall dinner.
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