Substitute for dry onion soup mix

What do you suggest I might use in place of onion soup mix, and is not garlic or onion powder?

Alice Dub
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AntoniaJames October 15, 2021
I would use a couple tablespoons of dried leek powder, a wonderful pantry helper I get from It has a strong allium flavor that would work quite well in this recipe. I have used their mushroom powder for years and noticed it (no doubt they suggested it) when ordering some things from them, so I decided to try it. I think it would be perfect here.

Keep in mind when making any substitution that onion soup mix is full of salt. If using leek powder, I'd add a teaspoon or so of salt with the stock and other ingredients added with it. (The Lipton soup packet shows 3600 mg of salt. That would be more than a teaspoon, but you can add more later if you need it.). ;o)
702551 October 3, 2021
Either a bouillon cube (which is basically what a dry soup packet is) or just omit completely. Taste as you go and decide on your own based on what you and your dinner table guests like.
Nancy October 3, 2021
Some other dry soup mix in a flavor you like and that goes with the rest of the recipe. Maybe mushroom or vegetable.
Also, if you have no total objection to onion, you could throw in some onion chips.
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