Making onion soup made ahead of time

I would like to make onion soup this weekend and have it for dinner later in the week. What is the longest I can keep it in the fridge? Could I freeze it?

Lucia from Madison


AntoniaJames October 13, 2021
I'd make the soup base and refrigerate for up to 4 days. It will freeze fine (the base, with no cheese or other toppings) but you should check for salt when heating to serve. I'd probably splash some red wine vinegar in it as well, to brighten it up, as freezing can dull flavors. Whether refrigerating or freezing, I would wait until the day you serve the soup to put any croutons or cheese on top. ;o)
702551 October 9, 2021
There's no definitive answer.

For sure the taste quality will decline before spoilage. Based on decades of experience storing cooked vegetable dishes, it is unlikely that I would attempt to keep this in my fridge more than five days.

I'd keep in the fridge if I planned on eating it in 2-3 days otherwise I'd freeze. Almost all soups freeze well if stored at the right moment (typically without any dairy for Western-style soups).

For sure if the soup calls for dairy to be added at the end, I would omit that whether I store in the fridge or freezer.

Best of luck.
702551 October 9, 2021
Sorry, I meant to write that I would *NOT* try to keep cooked veg dishes more than five days in the fridge.

It really comes down to the actual preparation and how much change you can stand.

There are certainly dishes that actually do better with a little extra refrigerator storage time (e.g., caponata and ratatouille).

There are far more dishes that don't get any better sitting in cold storage.

Use your best judgment and make the call yourself.
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