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  • October 13, 2021


GarciaWT October 18, 2021
Can i recommend Popping Boba, i just made it few days ago for my son. The recipe is:

Popping Boba Ingredients:

sodium alginate
calcium lactate

Popping Boba Recipe:
To make popping boba balls using our recipe, simply follow these steps:

Take two cups of water (tap water works fine!) and add in 2 teaspoons of calcium lactate.
Mix it until the powder all dissolves to form a colorless solution.
Next, take your fruit juice and add it to the blender. Add in the sodium alginate. The sodium alginate is supposed to be a 1% solution, so if you use 100ml of juice, that will lead you to use 1g of sodium alginate. Don’t worry though, a little bit extra won’t hurt you much!
Blend the mixture until it is nice and combined
Let the mixture sit for a few hours to let all the air bubbles in the mix disappear.
Put the mixture in a dropper and slowly drip droplets of this into the calcium lactate solution that we made before.
Keep making as many popping bobas as you like and once you are done, strain them out of the calcium lactate solution.
Rinse your popping pearls with water to get rid of the calcium lactate residues.

Additional Tips:

These tips will make the popping boba recipe work perfectly for you.

Use fruit juice that does not contain calcium as calcium is what causes the spherification process. You do not want that when you mix fruit juice with sodium alginate.
Do not miss the blender step, as this ensures that the sodium alginate is spread evenly
Use cold juice for better results
Use juice with a pH that is greater than 3.6.
Store the boba in the same fluid that you used for its ingredients. This is because it is thin and absorbent and will lose flavor in other liquids

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Nancy October 13, 2021
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