I was cooking chicken with a sauce, followed directions but chicken still stuck to the bottom of the pan.

It was a meal kit bought at a grocery store. How can I keep it from happening again? I like the flavor and spiciness of it. Maybe also how to tone down the spiciness, my mom does not like Too spicy. Thank You.



drbabs October 16, 2021
A couple of possibilities: your pan was too hot or you didn't use enough oil. Maybe try a nonstick pan next time (but don't let the heat get too high there either). If you like the flavor and spiciness and your mom doesn't, can you serve the sauce on the side and maybe dilute her portion with some broth or tomato sauce (depending on the sauce base)? If you like the meal kit, maybe try a different one that has a lower level of heat next time. You can always add heat with chiles, cayenne, red pepper flakes. I hope this helps. Good luck!
TxRose22 October 17, 2021
Thank You Very Much drbabs, you helped A Lot. I Really Appreciate your help.
drbabs October 17, 2021
You're welcome!
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