Can leftovers be frozen? Not there may be any :-)

  • Posted by: Marsh
  • November 1, 2021
Dad's Favorite Seafood Stew
Recipe question for: Dad's Favorite Seafood Stew


drbabs November 1, 2021
I have a recipe similar to this one, and I think that 702551 has a really good suggestion. That said, I think there’s always a reduction in quality of seafood when it’s frozen and then reheated. If we have leftovers, I usually just put them in a container in the coldest part of the refrigerator and gently reheat the leftovers no more than 2 days later. Also, I saw on the recipe that you’re allergic to bivalves. So is my husband, so I just use seafood he’s not allergic to in the total quantity of seafood in the recipe.
Marsh November 1, 2021
Thanks Dr. Babs. The reason I asked about freezing is due to my brother coming for a visit in a few weeks and I was thinking of sending some home with him, but that would obviously be too long for refrigerating. I agree with your point about the reduction in flavor (when freezing so many things, actually!) but it might be worth a try. As for your tips for just adding more of whatever seafood I have/like, I'm toying with the thought of making up the difference with lobster or crab... or maybe just leave it alone and add more shrimp and fish. Decisions, decisions! :-)
Nancy November 1, 2021
Two alternatives as gift ideas.
If your brother really loves seafood, have a commercial gift pack sent to him for a special occasion. The seafood will be safe and he can cook it however he wants.
If you want to give him something you made, give him something you do well that will safely survive the trip home....bread, other baking, preserves, pickles, etc.
702551 November 1, 2021
Should be fine although I'd separate the fish/seafood and broth for freezing.

I'd reheat the broth on its own on the stove and then add the defrosted fish until warmed through. This would minimize the risk of overcooking the fish.
Marsh November 1, 2021
Excellent idea! Thanks 702551!
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