Will no boil lasagna pasta work?

I bought no boil lasagna pasta by mistake. Will there be enough liquid in the ragu for this pasta to work? Or should I stop by the store and pick up some standard lasagna pasta?

Thelma Louise J
Cheesy, Meaty Lasagna
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Thelma L. November 11, 2021
I used no boil lasagna and covered with foil until I turned up the oven temp per the instructions. It worked beautifully. The lasagna was delicious. Thanks for the responses!
AntoniaJames November 5, 2021
I echo the others' responses but also recommend that you cover the lasagne with foil for the first half of the cooking period. This will keep retain steam / moisture in the pan, which will help to soften the noodles. ;o)
drbabs November 5, 2021
While you’re making the sauce, you could soak the noodles in salted water till they’re “softened and bendable but are still hard and chalky in the center,” drain them well, and use them as if they were cooked.
Nancy November 5, 2021
No need to run to the store again. In practice, I have used regular and no-boil store brand lasagna for one another.
When boiling the noodles, just cook until done. When making a pasta casserole like lasagna, I add extra liquid (water or broth) if using no-boil in a recipe that called for regular.
This helps both the noodles and the rest of the dish cook thoroughly.
I would recommend this from the start, but if you are afraid of the dish becoming too soupy, check at some midpoint and then add liquid if it looks like it needs it.
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