Pre-boil fresh pasta sheets for lasagna?

I'm making lasagna and I have some whole wheat fresh pasta sheets. Do they need to be pre-boiled or can I just layer them as is?

  • Posted by: LucyS
  • April 16, 2012


ChefJune April 17, 2012
Fresh pasta sheets don't need to be cooked before layering your lasagne. Actually, you don't need to pre-cook dried lasagne noodles, either. Just add an extra dollop of wet sauce, and it bakes up perfectly.
LeBec F. April 17, 2012
When using uncooked pasta sheets,i think all would caution you to use a good amount of wet sauce layered w/ your noodles.
SeaJambon April 16, 2012
Agreed. We do the same thing.
MTMitchell April 16, 2012
Layer them as is -- no need to pre-boil them. We make lasagna with fresh pasta a few times a year and always just use it as is. Enjoy your lasagna!
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