What does "With a clean, dry kitchen towel, remove the soup from the blender" mean?

Does it mean "strain through a clean kitchen towel"?

  • Posted by: Euclid
  • November 6, 2021


Nancy November 7, 2021
Another safety tip after blending hot food in blender...open lid away from you, so steam vents that way.
Or, use stuck blender in the pot.
Nancy November 7, 2021
That should be "stick or immersion blender."
Jhon989 November 30, 2021
Agree with That better option rather than others.
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Briana R. November 6, 2021
It’s a safe way to say “Be careful when you remove the lid from the blender! Depending on how hot your liquid is, steam can build up and release when you take the lid off of the blender. A dry towel is recommended to use instead of your bare hands.
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