If your otherwise good looking garlic clove has a bright green sprout/germ in it, can you just pull it out with the tip of your knife and use the rest of the clove? Thanks so much. ;o)



cookbookchick January 15, 2011
I'm with Jacques!
Nora January 15, 2011
Sometimes I remove the sprout and sometimes I don't. Not sure how I decide--I'll have to pay attention to myself next time.
bella S. January 15, 2011
I just pull it out. It is easy enough to do, so I don't feel the need to experiment with that one.
innoabrd January 15, 2011
I don't even bother pulling it out...
Kayb January 14, 2011
This topic was discussed over on the eGullet forum a few weeks ago; the consensus was pull it out and go on.
jessm4 January 14, 2011
the sprout is supposedly poisonous for horses, dogs, cats and other animals though i'm not sure of the stance on humans.... whilst having a look around i found this bit of info which i found interesting though....

"Many people store garlic in oil. This can be a dangerous habit as it makes conditions right for the growth of Clostridium botulinum, a bacterium responsible for botulism, a deadly food poison. To be safe, use the garlic in oil preparations as soon as they are made or refrigerate after adding vinegar or such citrus juices as lime or lemon, which will stop any bacterial growth."
spiffypaws January 14, 2011
I like curly parsley too!!!
nutcakes January 14, 2011
If it is thick, I will pull it out, otherwise I don't bother. I love the comment about Jacques Pepin. I was really thrilled one time to find that Rozanne Gold prefers curly parsley to flat leaf, as I do. I don't like the strong/bitter taste of flat parsley very much.
betteirene January 14, 2011
I use it.

You can also plant it, preferably during fall.
Greenstuff January 14, 2011
The story I've heard about Jacques Pepin is that, like us, he'd heard that the sprout could be bitter, and that he used to remove them. But one day, it tested it, and he actually liked the garlic with the sprout better. I've never repeated his test, but you've just inspired me. Anyone else up for it?
But getting back to your question--a little garlic sprout does not ruin the otherwise good looking garlic clove.
spiffypaws January 14, 2011
Yes. Jacques Pepin says don't even bother taking it out, but I do.
drbabs January 14, 2011
That's what I do.
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