What are your Favorite cookbooks

  • Posted by: cfmcook
  • November 11, 2021


AMC November 11, 2021
I also feel like my favorites change often. I've been borrowing cookbooks from the library for the last ~6 months or so, an idea I actually got from an Amazon review for a cookbook I was considering buying. I was pleasantly surprised that my local library has a huge cookbook selection, including the one I was looking at buying on Amazon. I'll take out 5-6 at a time from a range of cuisines/approaches to explore and then renew those that I really like, so I can have my favorites for up to 3 months. My current favorite from the library is Milk Street's Tuesday Nights.
Happygoin November 11, 2021
The one I probably use the most is How To Bake by Nick Malgeiri. I don’t tend to use cookbooks for savory meals. I find recipes online for that. But NM is my baking guru.
Stephanie G. November 11, 2021
Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone, will forever be my favorite. Im not even vegetarian any more!
AntoniaJames November 11, 2021
Great question! Current most-used cookbook of any kind: Susan Purdy's "Pie in the Sky," which is about all kinds of high altitude baking (not just pies). I learned to bake at sea level - 600 ft, and now live above 5,000 feet.

Sam Sifton's "New York Times - No-Recipe Recipes" has gotten a lot of use in my kitchen since it was released recently. I like it so much, I gave it as a gift to a friend a few weeks ago.

I'm not sure I have any "all-time" favorites. My tastes, interests, and cooking style are constantly evolving, so over the past few years I've generally been checking cookbooks out of the library and copying for my personal reference (constituting permitted "fair use" under the copyright laws) the recipes that I like the most.

I'm interested in seeing others' responses to this. ;o)
cfmcook November 11, 2021
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