SANDWICH Toastie? / Pocket Maker

I am looking to purchase a great quality sandwich press-the kind that seals in the edges. Every great one I find & read about is Australian (the waffle!) , and the outlet can't be used in the US! (Breville Toastie, 1979 Sunbeam Big Fill Toastie). The US ones seem to be really low quality. Im just not sure what to choose that is nice enough. I don't want to give a cheap gift. I am not looking for a big interchangeable one. Just something nice. Not a panini press/grill . Thanks for your help!!

  • Posted by: Emily
  • November 11, 2021


Nancy November 12, 2021
Retro, effective, can use in the kitchen, fireplace, over the grill, while camping.
Simple, few parts, probably will last a long time.
You probably meant something modern and electric, but I love these from childhood and suspect many people would like them as a gift.
Emily November 12, 2021
yeah its for a family and kids every day after school kind of use but thanks anyway!
Nancy November 12, 2021
Emily, your chouce of course. But just FYI our whole family of kids grew up using these ftom the age we were allowed to use stovetop heat, about 8 or so.
Emily November 11, 2021
the *jaffle** my autocorrect wrote waffle to be confusing!
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