Lemon Juice Volume & Food Processor Size

Hi, Could you please confirm the measurement details on the lemon juice for the toum? Is it 70 mL or 3/4 of a cup? Additionally, what size food processor should be used? Followed recipe step by step but the sauce never came together into a fluffy cream, stayed water the whole time and I'm unsure if maybe my food processor is too large for the recipe size for sauce.

Cara Anne Cheshire


Nancy November 15, 2021
Cara - more news and ideas. Here are results from a search for toum recipes (I was looking for another version of Ottolenghi's but didn't see it.). Have a look for ideas, proportions. I think the version at Serious Eats looks good.
Also, if you are thinking about buying another processor, which can be expensive even with a small bowl, maybe consider an immersion blender, which does the job on regular mayonnaise just fine. And some models have attachments (whip, chopper, etc).
drbabs November 14, 2021
Cara, did you watch the video? It looks like they use a large processor that has a small bowl insert to make the toum. And in the video you can see that they're adding the oil and lemon juice alternately, a little at a time as if making mayonnaise. I think the video helps a lot.
Cara A. November 15, 2021
I did watch the video & noted that the processor they used was a neat insert. Unfortunately, I missed it or it wasn't stated what size they were using. I have a 14c Cuisinart that's awesome but definitely larger. Would like to know their size so I can batch up or if I need to buy another processor. As for the lemon juice, I was alternating but their measurements listed seemed odd for lemon juice 3/4 c is not 70mL,was hoping creators could double check that there wasn't a typo.
Jkhan11 December 25, 2021
Also had the same issue, Cara. Watery the whole time. I used avocado oil so not sure if that made a difference, but I think you're right about the processor size. I feel like a smaller size would whip emulsify better.
Jkhan11 December 25, 2021
And yes, 3/4 cup lemon juice is correct. Seemed like a lot at first but it wasn't too lemony.
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