How did you get your pumpkin butter to remain such a vibrant orange?

I made this recipe exactly as noted, but my pumpkin butter is a very dark brown rather than bright orange like the pictures. It's not burnt just very dark.

  • Posted by: nicole
  • November 21, 2021
Pumpkin Butter Cups
Recipe question for: Pumpkin Butter Cups


Jill B. November 21, 2021
Hi Nicole, sorry to hear your pumpkin butter wasn't as orange as you wanted it to be! I'm wondering if perhaps you used dark brown sugar instead of light? Plus, our go-to pumpkin purée brand is Libby's, so using a different one may have had an effect as well.

Not sure if this helps, but this short video provides the visual cue of the color it should be when you pull the pot from the heat:

We hope you try it again and report back! Hopefully they still tasted delicious!
nicole November 21, 2021
I did use dark brown sugar, maybe that was the reason it’s so brown now. Still tastes good, but I’ll have to try again to get that orange color 😊
Jill B. November 21, 2021
Glad they still tasted good, and let us know if you do give it another try!
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