This was yummy delicious, but I had to make a judgement call on some steps.

As carrots and leeks come in a wide variety of sizes, it might be helpful to also specify the amounts needed in volume (eg. 2 cups). Also, I gather the author intended for one to add the peeled shrimp at the end. No mention was made of it.
I really loved this recipe and will add it to my regular repetoire.

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Nordic Salmon "Soppa"
Recipe question for: Nordic Salmon "Soppa"

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Brinda A. November 22, 2021
So glad you liked it, Tedsdottir, and thank you for the notes! Many of the recipes on Food52 have been submitted by community members (and haven't been tested by our in-house team), so any feedback like this is very helpful for us and the recipe creators. For recipes that have been tested by our Test Kitchen, please look out for the gold-beige marker under the photo stating that the recipe is "Test Kitchen-Approved." Thanks, hope this helps!
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