How and when should I assemble this dish?

If I’m taking this dish elsewhere, should I assemble elements (beans, gravy, onions) when I arrive, or can the beans sit in the gravy for a bit?

Stovetop Green Bean 'Casserole'
Recipe question for: Stovetop Green Bean 'Casserole'


Nancy November 26, 2021
Nayantara - hope your Thanksgiving was delicious.
I'm curious for futures ... which did you take - the assembled dish or separate parts - and would you recommend doing it that way again?
Nayantara November 26, 2021
Love this community! I ended up boiling the green beans and slicing the shallots and mushrooms the night before. I fried the shallots and made the gravy the morning of and took three parts (beans, gravy, onions) separately to assemble on site. I put the assembled beans and gravy in the oven for a few minutes to warm up and added the onions after to preserve crispness; this worked out well.
Nancy November 26, 2021
Thanks for your results for sounds so much better than the canned soup version!
Alli G. November 25, 2021
Hi Nayantara, Happy Thanksgiving! There is some prep work required for this dish. If you are traveling to someone else's home, you can prep all of the ingredients in advance at home and assemble once you arrive. It's a versatile dish, however, and if you are concerned about kitchen space assembling in advance in the morning shouldn't be an issue at all! Enjoy.

Nancy November 25, 2021
I would roast the vegetables and take them in one container, the cream in another, then combine and heat up at the site of your Thanksgiving gathering...the beans will be fresher in taste and texture.
For safety, if you are travelling more than two hours, take the food in a chilled container, or at the least in an insulated bag with an ice pack, cryopack or cold pack.
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