I'm in the baking aisle a lot. And every time, I look at the jar of Marmite and wonder if anyone actually uses the stuff. Well, do they?



mrslarkin September 30, 2010
Thank you all for your feedback! I couldn't resist, so I bought a jar today. It's certainly an acquired taste - but definitely has great umami qualities like you'd find in anchovies, or miso.
Ophelia September 30, 2010
I'm not a big fan, but it is a great source of natural glutamates which make meats taste meatier. Great for adding to soups and stews that just don't taste quite rich enough.
kellysnoms September 30, 2010
I still find it odd that Marmite is in the baking aisle. I eat it on buttered toast, topped with cheddar cheese. I also stir it into beef stew. And while it is usually an acquired taste, I am proud to say I've converted my American boyfriend into a Marmite-lover... it can be done!
latoscana September 29, 2010
In England, they put tiny, little Marmite jars in the layette goody bags that are sent home with new moms and their babies. I guess you have to start very early to acquire a taste for it - but the English cherish this topping on toast and other foods.
TiggyBee September 29, 2010
I'm American and had never tasted it until I met my Husband and I loved it immediately. I realize of course, that I'm probably in the minority here! ; )
betteirene September 29, 2010
I'm a hater, although I think I should get credit for trying it without knowing what I was easting. I think it's one of those things that you have to be introduced to at birth.
TiggyBee September 29, 2010
Oh, I love, love, love Vegemite!! However, I don't care for Marmite or Promite. They all have their own distinct taste even though they're derived from the same process. On our yearly trips to Australia to visit my Husband's family, we always bring back a few jars! I guess you either love it or hate it!
Londonfoodieny September 29, 2010
YES! I do. on my toast with butter, with a spoonful of peanut butter, in my gravies and stews....love it.
Kristen M. September 29, 2010
Apparently! I traveled in New Zealand with a friend a few years ago and all of his various extended family members swore by Marmite on buttered toast as their go-to breakfast. I guess it's like peanut butter for Americans -- lost in translation.
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