What is the best brand of sweet vermouth for making this wintery Negroni?

Family will be home in a few weeks, including at least one member who loves a great Negroni. We're looking forward to trying this recipe, but need to stock our liquor cabinet! Thanks, everyone. ;o)

Mulled Wine Negroni
Recipe question for: Mulled Wine Negroni


702551 December 8, 2021
I would stick with one of the old school Italian producers for this usage, either Cinzano or Carpano.

While Europeans enjoy bitter flavors, most Americans do not. I love Carpano's Punt e Mes (a vermouth-like aperitif that has some bitterness); I usually have it on the rocks with a splash of soda and an orange flag (much like a Campari soda). If that family member enjoys bitter flavors, you might consider picking up a bottle of this.
Nancy December 8, 2021
Haven't tried all the ones in these two recent review articles.
See if your local store either has these or has another recommendation.
Last, some of them are already so loaded with herbals that I wonder if adding more spices and mulling them, even before mixing the Negronis, is a good idea.
Maybe try a small sample before your guests arrive.

Nancy December 9, 2021
Just a few thoughts on Negroni variations...change up some of the liquor, like sparkling wine or whisky instead of gin But let the herbal flavors of the Campari and/or vermouth shine through.
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