How do I “par-boil” barley, so it can be added to cookies/bars with nuts & berries to make them chewier?

Adding raw barley to cookies wouldn’t work, the barley wouldn’t have time enough to cook & would be rock-hard; it needs some pre-cooking… I’m using the newly developed ’Streaker,’ hull-less, super nutritious barley, but also interested in using buckwheat and bulgar in nutritious bars.


[email protected] December 13, 2021
I’m able to make flour in my Blendtec; what I really want to do is add the WHOLE GRAIN that has been ‘par-cooked’ so that the whole grains are softened to al dente stage, then they will be added to cookies like nuts are added. I’ll be using buckwheat, barley, and other groats.

After more research, I’ve decided to take Dr. Bab’s advice to run a trial. The prime candidate will be the ‘hot water bottle’ method…
* Get a good quality stainless water bottle that is known to hold temperature at a constant; wide-mouth bottles are more convenient to use
* Determine groats:water ratio from a recipe; we’ll want to rinse off the ‘anti-nutrients,’ at the end, so ADD an extra ½ cup water 💦 to keep them wet. Put groats in the bottle, then add the amount of BOILING water you’ve sussed out and tightly secure the bottle’s lid. When they’re cooked & cooled we can rinse them well
* The standard timing is ‘overnight’ which probably too soggy for what I want. So I’ll try a small batch, and pull out a few to test every hour until I get the timing down

I’ve also picked up a ‘sprouting lid’ and will be trying sprouted groats vs. par-boiling; ultimately that should return the most nutritious cookie of all, due to the massive enzyme production triggered by sprouting as well as neutralizing the anti-nutrients.

You could Google “food anti nutrients” to see more about this subject.
drbabs December 11, 2021
That sounds really interesting. I think you’re going to have to experiment with the timing. I’d be inclined to cook the grains almost all the way through— to al dente, if you will— before adding them to baked goods. But you might have to make a couple of small batches with the grains cooked to different levels to see what works best for you.
Nancy December 12, 2021
David Lebovitz has a lovely recipe for chocolate chip cookies made with buckwheat flour. there are also French galetts made with buckwheat.
Maybe try those and similar recipes developed specifically for barley or bulgar.
Nancy December 12, 2021
Galette. Folded French pastry, filled with sweet or savory filling.
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