How long will Marshmallow top last?

Hiow long will the marshmallow topping last, separately? Was hoping to make it for the office the day before. Any suggestions on an alternate topping that would hold up, in case this one won't. I have beautiful peppermint sprinkles from a fun company that I would love to use.

  • Posted by: Rhonda
  • December 12, 2021


Rhonda December 12, 2021
Thanks a bunch! I may bring pepperminted whipped cream just in case but will try this as first choice!
Happy Christmas!
Nancy December 12, 2021
For taking to an office party, maybe take the marsgamallow, ganache and optional whipped cream in jars. Then to serve, either put on top of the cake per directions or let people spoon toppings out, to taste.
Rhonda December 12, 2021
Great idea! Thanks!
aargersi December 12, 2021
The cream of tartar is a stabilizer so you should be fine making it the day before!
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