Checking on my order of 2 red Staub 3qt pots. Need by Thursday

I ordered 6, 4 arrived. These are presents for my office. Please respond.



Emily K. December 13, 2021
Hi Sundaycook! Thanks so much for checking in with us (and thanks AntoniaJames for sharing this advice). We see that you wrote us this morning and we'll be in touch very shortly — not to worry, we'll be sure to get this sorted out for you!
AntoniaJames December 13, 2021
Look under your profile at "orders and returns." You may be able to get specific information on shipping there, but if they were all shipped to the same address, they may not have the detail there that you need. Click on the tracking information to see if there is anything helpful there. (They should also have sent you an email with shipping status. You can click through from that as well.).

If you can't get the information you need that way, you can click on the link in the text at the top of your orders page where it says, "If you are missing any information, please let us know.." ("Let us know" is a link.) On that page you can usually get a live chat, or in any event, can send them a message. They'll respond ASAP - which I've found to be promptly. ;o)
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