Is the herb amount correct? It seems so strong! Help please!

Two and a half tablespoons of herbs? That seems like a lot of herbs. I cut it in half, and it still seemed soo strong. I want to make it again, but I didn't quite like the taste. Any ideas? Is it supposed to be teaspoons instead of tablespoons? I love herbs, but this is way too strong...

And also, just out of curiosity, what does the sugar do in this recipe? The 1/4 tsp doesn't seem like enough to sweeten it, and I like staying off sugar if possible. Would it mess anything up if I excluded it?

Very beautiful bread though. I hope it turns out and I can share it with friends at a Christmas party tomorrow! ❤

Merry Christmas everyone! And happy baking!

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Cheese and Herb Star Bread
Recipe question for: Cheese and Herb Star Bread


Posie (. December 18, 2021
Definitely adjust the herbs to your taste! The sugar also keeps the dough soft and supple but you won’t taste it — it’ll be okay to skip but I’d leave it if you can.
aargersi December 18, 2021
You can absolutely cut back on the herbs or use different ones if you prefer. Rosemary is a strong one, maybe try cutting just that in half? I might also be inclined to use fresh rather than dried. The sugar is there to feed the yeast, I would not leave that out.
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