Making dough sheets from Emma Laperruque's 100% Whole-Wheat Pie Crust

I've been using this delightful recipe with cream cheese and butter to make Hand Pies for sale at a farmer's market. It works great--so great that I need to figure out a way to increase my production. I wonder if any producers make, or could make, 10x15 dough sheets? all the dough sheets I see online use soy, palm or other fats, not butter (one uses lard, and I have a lot of vegetarian customers), and they all use AP flour (or at least don't say otherwise). Is there something in the nature of the dough that would prevent sheeting? I wonder if there are any producers who might do a small run? Looked online, no love so far. Thanks so much for any advice! Janet Waegel, Mackie's Tasty Treats

  • Posted by: JanetW
  • December 19, 2021
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Nancy December 20, 2021
Good luck - sounds like you developed something popular!
In stores near you, check packages of no-name or store-brand baking products to see who makes them. Then contact those companies to see what their minimum order might be.
Also, local bakeries with more than one outlet often have a production bakery to serve them all. Ask them whether they'll make private label pastry for you.
JanetW December 20, 2021
Thank you Nancy! Very good suggestions. I will look for local bakeries in Kingston, NY, where I sell at the farmer's market. And I heard Trader Joe's has all-butter puff pastry sheets, wonder where they get theirs made? I'm going to take a trip to their closest store, see what info I can gather.
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