I'm planning to make a quiche, and the recipe calls for a lard/butter mixture in the crust. I don't have any lard. I don't have time to go to the butcher, and I don't want to use the supermarket stuff, which has some scary preservatives in it. Oh, and I'm allergic to soy, so no Crisco. And they've banned palm shortening from the Whole Foods where I live--not sure why. Sigh. I know I can use all butter, but I like the flakiness of a lard crust. What I do have is some leftover duck fat from Christmas--do you think I can use it as a substitute?



lifestooshort February 2, 2011
Many thanks for all of the suggestions. I'm especially excited to hear that Earth Balance has gone soy-free! I will definitely go searching for leaf lard as well--one of the few pork products I don't have in my home yet--but as it turns out, with Kayb's blessing I decided to try the duck fat, and it worked beautifully.
Kayb January 29, 2011
I'd think the duck fat would add a wonderful element to the crust.
aargersi January 28, 2011
I had a recipe that called for lard and I was lard-less so I used all butter. It was delicious!
pierino January 28, 2011
For pastry what you really want is leaf lard. Not the supermarket stuff.
saracooks January 28, 2011
I just read that Earth Balance no longer has any soy in their products. I've used their 'shortening' product for flaky pie crusts. It is available at my Whole Foods.
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