Substitute for Coconut cream?

Visiting my little hometown for Easter weekend with not too many choices at the grocery store. I really want to make a cake I saw that includes a cup of coconut cream - but none to be found so far. Substitutes?

Burnt Offerings


Sam1148 April 23, 2011
@burnt Offerings WOOHOO! I'm so glad you found it. Have a great Easter! BTW: I posted the Sriracha Salt recipe.
Burnt O. April 23, 2011
Thanks everyone! Those were all very helpful. I FINALLY found some this morning exactly where Sam said to look - right next to the Margarita and Bloody Mary mix at another little market. Cake layers are cooling as we speak!
mcd2 April 23, 2011
here's a substitute from wikipedia:
Coconut cream can be made by simmering 1 part shredded coconut with one part water or milk until frothy,[1] then straining the mixture through a cheesecloth, squeezing out as much liquid as possible; this is coconut milk. The coconut milk is refrigerated and allowed to set. Coconut cream is the thick non-liquid part that separates and rises to the top of the coconut milk.

Cream of coconut is coconut cream that has been sweetened for use in desserts and beverages like the piña colada.[2]

Creamed coconut is a compressed block of coconut flesh which has been slightly dehydrated and sold in a waxy lump.
Sam1148 April 22, 2011
I've always seen coconut cream hidden away in the supermarket in the section with the bloody mary mix instead of in the baked goods section. Come to think of it reduce some pina colada mix..and add condensed milk.
You could reduce some coconut milk and add condensed milk---or if the coconut has a 'fat disk' melt that use and condensed milk. Subs are going to be tricky with baking.

Humm.. I used google to spell check "pina colada "...and one of the results was a pina colada cake from Betty Crocker. That uses neither pina colada mix or coconut cream.
amysarah April 22, 2011
SKK, I think that would be a workable sub for coconut milk (not sweet)...but coconut cream is quite sweet. Heavy cream/extract might work if you also added sugar..
SKK April 22, 2011
Would heavy cream work better with the coconut extract than condensed milk?
Burnt O. April 22, 2011
Yeah - I sent Dad to the State Store - no luck. We're in PA, and the liquor stores are controlled by the State with VERY limited inventory. It's like trying to cook a gourmet meal from the inventory at the corner bodega. It may be sweetened condensed milk with some extract is the way to go, but I'd love to hear any other ideas. I'll keep looking in the meantime. small town blues.
amysarah April 22, 2011
If you mean coconut cream - like Coco Lopez - it's very sweet, so would be more like condensed than evaporated milk....maybe with coconut extract added for flavor?

Have you tried a liquor store? I've seen it there before - to make pina coladas. May be a long shot, but worth a try.
TiggyBee April 22, 2011
just a guess, without seeing the recipe...evaporated or condensed milk? maybe try adding coconut shavings for flavor.
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