I made crab rangoon egg rolls. Why was the mixture dry? It wasn't creamy like last years'.

Made these last Christmas and they were creamy

  • Posted by: greg8784
  • December 26, 2021


greg8784 December 26, 2021
Thank all of you for the input. I'm thinking it was the cream cheese. I did use off brand this year.
Nancy December 26, 2021
There's a recipe on this site for crab rangoon baked in muffin tin pasta cups. Author says for this recipe only to use canned crab for moisture. Apparently, other forms of crab can be dry.
Nancy December 26, 2021
PS. By "this recipe" I think she meant any crab Rangoon, not just the one in pasta cups.
greg8784 December 26, 2021
It calls for 2 blocks of cream cheese 1lb crabmeat 2 teaspoons Worcester green onions and onion and garlic powder
drbabs December 26, 2021
1 pound of crabmeat? I hope they were edible. Per what Nancy said, did you use canned crab last year and fresh this year? Did the mixture seem drier when you put it together? Is it possible that they were slightly over cooked? I’m also, frankly, wondering if it’s not a cream cheese issue. There’s apparently a cream cheese shortage right now— is it possible that the manufacturer used more filler to try to extend the product, and that made your egg rolls dry? I realize I have more questions than answers, but I’m hoping this will help you figure it out.
drbabs December 26, 2021
Hard to say. Can you share the recipe?
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