How much of those additional ingredients did you intend to add?

You mentioned having intended to add carrots, brown sugar and Worcestershire sauce. I wonder: how much did you intend to add, and when? Thanks.

  • Posted by: Tallulah
  • December 29, 2021
Caribbean Oxtail Stew
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Lan |. December 29, 2021
hi there - honestly, the amount of carrots is really up to you, just remember that carrots have a natural sweetness to it already so you may not need the additional brown sugar and if you do, less is more. for the Worcestershire sauce, that adds an element of sour and salty and sweetness too. it might not even be needed - i didn't use it and it was fine.

as for when: depending on how long it takes the carrots to cook, and how soft you want them to be. i would add them in the last 45 min of cooking. i don't want them to be mush or disintegrate into the stew but i do like my carrots to be soft, so keep an eye out. if using additional brown sugar, add it when you add the carrots. for the Worcestershire sauce, add it about 15-30 minutes before serving. i'd want that flavor to be fresh and not cooked.

after reading this through, personally, i probably not bother with the extra seasoning, though i would add the carrots if i remembered.

i hope this turns out well for you!
Tallulah December 29, 2021
thank you for your thoughtful, speedy response!
drbabs December 29, 2021
In the head note, the author said that they intended to add those ingredients in the last hour or so but forgot. I'm sure you can add as many carrots as you want, and add the brown sugar and Worcestershire sauce to your taste.
Lan |. December 29, 2021
this is spot on - thank you for responding.
Tallulah December 29, 2021
Thank you for responding. (I'd seen the author's note but was keen for additional detail, if possible.)
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