Coarseness of polenta? I got some super coarse and need for IP cooking help

I got some Uber coarse polenta at my international market. Any suggestions on how to cook it? It looks more like cracked corn than anything else I can think of to describe it. I’d probably soak it overnight first.

Winifred Ryan
Instant Pot Polenta
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Nancy December 29, 2021
Similar to aargersi.
On COARSENESS of the cornmeal. It takes both more water and more time than medium or fine ground (see attached search results for how to cook coarse polenta). Quick overview doesn't suggest you need the overnight soaking, but yes it might help.
On cooking it in an INSTANT POT - Emma's recipe already specifies coarse polenta, so why not just follow her directions?
Again, here are search results on how to cook coarse polenta by Instant Pot method. Hope they help.
For serving, I love to let the polenta harden, then grill it and use a base for stews, soups, side dishes.
aargersi December 29, 2021
I’ve gotten the coarse kind before too and it used more liquid - I did it stovetop though not instapot. Soaking it first is a great idea - I think I would follow the recipe directions knowing that a) I might need a bit more liquid and b) I might need a bit more time. You could soak it, add the additional liquid, cook it in the IP, and then use sauté mode or re-pressurize if it needs a bit more time.
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