Review of Vintage-Inspired Persian Vinyl Mats - Buyer beware!

I purchased two mats 14 months ago. Within the first year of careful use by two senior citizens, during Covid when we had no big family gatherings, one mat started to peel. I was sent a replacement. Within 6 months a second one started to peel. I asked for reimbursement for my money ($240.00 for two long runners). They will only reimburse me for 20% of the cost since it has been over a year. I want buyers to beware!!! This is a defective product and you will get comfortable and attractive mats that have a design that starts to peel off before they have been in use for a year.

  • Posted by: Judy
  • January 5, 2022


Judy January 5, 2022
Thank you to Customer Care or whomever! I have received notice that they will refund the full purchase price for both defective runners. I can see that Food 52 stands behind their loyal customer.
drbabs January 5, 2022
That’s awesome
Emily K. January 5, 2022
Hi Judy! We're so sorry to hear that—certainly not the experience we hoped you'd have with products from our Shop. We're reaching out to you directly to make sure this is all sorted out—just look out for a note from [email protected].
drbabs January 5, 2022
Thanks for sharing this. Have you also written a review on the page of the actual products?
Judy January 5, 2022
I am unable to write a review. It tells me that I have not purchased this product when I have. If you can help me circumvent this, I would appreciate it. Thanks.
drbabs January 5, 2022
I sent a note to customer care. Hopefully they’ll get back to you.
Judy January 5, 2022
I just received notice that they are giving me a 20% refund. Thank you for your help.
drbabs January 5, 2022
You’re welcome
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