Can I substitute Demi-Glace for Stock?

I have a pasta recipe that calls for 1 cup stock. I'm wondering if I can add a lot more flavor to the sauce by substituting the stock with demi-glace. Can this be done and if so, how much demi-glace should I use in place of the 1 cup stock.

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1 Comment

Nancy January 5, 2022
Good idea - yes the demi-glace will add more flavor!
On the question of volume, it's a bit of a guess.
Start by using the demi-glace in 1/4 the volume of the stock (as most demi-glace are reduce by 1/4 or 1/2. Blend it in, taste as you go.
The sauce may need more liquid than the demi glace provides, so add some water if the taste of the dish is already strong, or some stock if it is not so strong.
Altogether, I would consider demi-glace as a flavor boost more than a replacement for the stock.
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