Need to know weck jar size please

I realize this recipe has been up for a few years but what size weck jars are you using?

DIY Beef Tallow Moisturizer
Recipe question for: DIY Beef Tallow Moisturizer


702551 January 12, 2022
In the recipe headnote, the author states she is using two 7-ounce Weck tulip jars. A judicious search at an online retailer points to Weck Model 762:

which is 8 ounces when filled to the rim (which the author is not doing here). Looking at the product photos, the jar's stated capacity is 220 mL. That makes sense since 7 ounces is just under 200 mL.

Best of luck.
Best of luck.
Adamantis January 12, 2022
Acck! Can’t believe I missed that! Thank you!
Nancy January 12, 2022
Guessing from the recipe yield (1 1/2 cups), you'll need minimum 10 oz or 300ml.
Safer still to use something like 500 ml, which will give you some space for stirring the mixture and in case your batch makes a little more.
Nancy January 12, 2022
Correcting my error.
Minimum size should be 12 oz or about 350 ml.
Comfortable size still roughly pint, 500 ml or 17 oz.
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