Can alternative sweetener be swapped for brown sugar?

What are recommended sweetener swaps for brown sugar? I’m partial to maple syrup or honey and usually shoot for 1/3 what a recipe calls for in sugar. Thoughts?

Banana Nut Bread
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Nancy January 17, 2022
I'm afraid using only 1/3 c maple syrup for 1c brown sugar would not work. Sugar provides and holds moisture, as well as the sweet flavor. Only 1/3 volume might result in an unpleasantly dry cake. Reduced sweetness might not be so bad.
My substitutions bible recommends cup for cup in replacing sugar, and this article on replacing brown sugar suggests 3/4c maple syrup.
Have a look.,1%20C%20of%20brown%20sugar.
Nancy January 28, 2022
Some second thoughts. Have a look at this King Arthur Flour article about their experiments in reducing sugar by 10-50% in baking cakes. They found results surprising even to themselves, according to four types of cake recipe they tested.
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